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tv   Stossel  FOX News  February 16, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>. >> jon: here is some big news reported by the daily current. sarah palin has joined al-jazeera america. you know the one that paid al gore. she signed a multitie million deal to host her own shows.
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that was picked up by blogger, with sarah palin tried to stay relevant. because they reach millions of devoutly religious people. the problem is the article is fake dreamed up by the daily current and the "washington post" bought it hook, line and syringer. of course the former alaska governor fired back with this. hey "washington post" i'm having coffee with elvis this week and washed the moka most. thanks to our panel. see you next week. >> heather: dire new warnings about the potential putting of
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sequestration cuts could have on the u.s. military. army officials say across the board cuts would force them to increase tour lengths for soldiers deployed in afghanistan next year and could put our national security at risk. hello welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news head headquarters. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright. they say tours would have to be extended because the cuts would limit them to train brigades to replace them. listen. >> in my opinion, sequestration is not in the best interests of our national security. it will place an unreasonable burden on the shoulders of our scattered showers and civilians. we will not be able to execute the department of defense strategic guidance as we developed last year. i understand the seriousness of our country's fiscal situation. we have and we will continue to do our part, but the significance of these budget
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reductions will directly impact to sustain readiness today and into the future. >> kelly: live in washington with more details about this. steve, it sounds ominous to our national security. >> reporter: that is right. pentagon has been putting out this warning for a long time. slash the budget and military training could be among the things severely curtailed at maintenance of military bases could be another. all of this could endangering are readiness for conflict around the world. that is what the army chief of staff is saying. he says that might happen if the sequester goes through. >> for example, it will curtail training for 80% of ground forces. this will impact our unit's basic war fighting skills and across critical specialties, including aviation, intelligence engineering and on an our ability to recruit soldiers into our army. >> reporter: so basically he is
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saying 'the budget cuts going through soldiers in afghanistan may see their tours extended because budget cuts will drastically limit training for brigades to replace them. republicans say we can't allow them to take effect and continue to blast president obama. >> the president hats tailed faild to put forward a plan. why? because they see the sequester as an opportunity to push through another tax increase. >> reporter: the president failed to mention sequester specifically. he made another pitch for higher minimum wage and substantial reduction has taken place in the deficit. >> over the last few years we have reduced the deficit by $2.5 trillion which puts us more than halfway $4 trillion in deficit reduction that economists say we need. now, we need to finish the job.
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>> reporter: so with the threat of that sequester looming over washington and looming over the pentagon, congress has taken a week off for the presidents' day holiday. >> kelly: steve, we're going to be following this story and more on the impact budget cuts could have on our national security. we will be talking to bob scales a fox military analyst. he knows what he is talking about. that is coming up later in the show. >> heather: meantime, some incredible events beyond earth's atmosphere. russians are trying to recover from a meteor that slammed into the ground. it was all caught on tape. the flash, the bang catching everyone off guard. first you can see the blinding light and then, the supersonic boom. [ siren ] >> heather: can you imagine?
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the flash was like ten suns and saw the shock waves, it was chaos on the streets. you could hear car alarm screeching and windows shattering more than 4,000 buildings were damaged and many them were apartments and the government promising to fix them. here is thing, that is a long time in the icy winter, about 200 people were injured including more than 200 children. most of them hurt by falling glass. nasa saying the meteor was about 50 feet and impact may have been 30 times stronger than the atomic bomb that hit hiroshima. drivers are searching a frozen lake, this one near where it landed. 20,000 searchers looking for remains of the meteor but so far they haven't found any. >> kelly: we have to check this out. an amazing video, an unrelated
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asteroid flying past earth, this one was much bigger and could have been more dangerous. it doesn't look so bad within safe within our atmosphere but this nasa of an makes shows the path of 150 foot asteroid. it came within 17,000 miles of earth's surface and something so large has come to our planet. scientists have been keeping a very close eye on this one, but there are a lot -- they have never seen them coming this big. >> heather: here to add to that, a mysterious sighting, this one even closer to home. reports of a bright light flashing through the sky, this was in northern california. >> kelly: look at that. >> heather: you can see flying by on the right hand corner of your screen, witnesses saying it looked like a fireball heading west but astronomers don't know what it is.
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they say their telescopes didn't pick up any activity. >> the carnival cruise ship is under heavy scrutiny today as investigators try to determine what went wrong. thousands of people were left stranded for more than a week after an engine room fire. a coastguard investigator says it appears the fire was small but happened in the right place to cripple the vessel. new reaction from passengers that they are more than thrilled to be back home. no bathrooms and no electricity and dwindling supplies turning their dream vacation into a nightmare. >> i know that the ceo or whoever made the decision to apologize he needs to go into room 7231 and shut that door and try to live in there for three minutes. >> never again in my life will i walk around a cruise ship.
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i'm done. i'm done. [ laughter ] >> never again. not going to happen. >> i've had it. i will never -- they can take their flee trip and go where the sun doesn't shine. they don't know what they are doing. i am so sorry. >> kelly: meantime, the first lawsuit has been filed against carnival. lawyers from texas say that carnival failed to provide safe and sanitary conditions. the passenger claims she suffered emotional harm during the ordeal. >> heather: the family of oscar pistorius who is charged with premeditated murder with the shooting of his girlfriend. it's setting off a firestorm in the international media. speaking today his uncle says the athlete is numb with shock and grief.
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>> as you can imagine, our entire family is devastated. we are in a state of total shock about this tragic death of reeva which we knew well over the last few months. after consulting with legal advisors we deeply regret allegations of premeditated murder. we have no doubt here there is no substance of the allegation. >> heather: breaking down in court as he was charged. he is currently being held at a local police station. a bail hearing is scheduled for tuesday. meanwhile, a prerecorded reality show featuring reeva steenkamp will air as planned. the model, she was among the latest celebrities called tropical island of treasure. she was excited about the show
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and bbc says the episode will air today after a special tribute broadcast. >> kelly: brand-new details about suspected cop killer christopher dorner and how he died. an autopsy showing the cause of death, a single gunshot wound to the head. dorner led police in california on a massive manhunt for days and then the police officer's body was found in a burnt out cabin. adam housley is joining live from los angeles. good to see you. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: it was quite a press conference when we got more information. authorities say they believe that that press conference that he did die due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. there is also some question as to whether or not he may have been injured the final autopsy will be released to the public will give us a better idea of what went down. they did show some of the weaponry that dorner had been using over his course of reign
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of terror, from high powered rifles to ten silencers. one of the rifles has word vengeance on the butt of the rifle. that was used to shoot out officers and kill four different people over the course of time. when you talk to officers who were there on tuesday when it went down at the cabin, they will tell you it was extremely dangerous for officers. >> the entire time we were there he would shoot at us. the officers were forced to take cover. we felt based on his behavior he was laying in wait for us if we tried to near the cabin, there was going to be another gun battle. >> reporter: number different ways to get him out using smoke devices. they would knock down the walls and windows. they used a loud speaker to try to force him to come outside but
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he wouldn't emerge. the family that owned the cabin they looked at the remains and as they looked at the burnt outside location they said it can be rebuilt but the lives of those lost cannot. >> it's a cabin, not a life. so dorner may have died there, it's where the officer was fatally wounded. those are the more important things. >> reporter: it's where two officers were wounded and one was killed. funeral is coming up this week. the other information we learned that every one of his victims was ambushed. two officers, they were pursuing dorner but he biamd out of a truck. because he was shooting them with a rifle they had no idea where the shots came from. they were basically shot and ambushed there up in the mountains. >> kelly: adam, thank you.
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>> heather: president obama has been hitting the road a lot over the last two weeks taking his plans for the economy gun control and education straight to the public. most recently speaking to americans in north carolina, georgia and illinois. he is raising questions whether the president is maybe reaching out to the public instead of congress. john fund is a columnist and co-author of the book "who is counting?" i'll ask you right away is his public campaign a cop out? why not engage congress? >> i think the president is following in the footsteps of predecessors who said i need to convince the public to put the heat on congress to pass my program. it's a long time honored tradition and he is trying to rally support. >> heather: he wants to raise the minimum wage, expand
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pre-schools. campaign first, negotiate second. as you mentioned it's a strategy we've seen before and one that this white house and specifically has done before. they believe it worked for them when it came to extending the payroll tax cut in 2011. so, is the public sales pitch the way to go this time with these specific issues? >> i question that because, remember, the president went out on the road to campaign for his healthcare plan and it was not popular when he finished. raising the minimum wage, people are not interested. they want jobs. i didn't hear a lot about creating jobs. in fact, if you raise the minimum wage up to what the president says, $9 an hour you will be eliminating jobs at the bottom end of the ladder, people who are teenagers and new
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workers. i question whether these microissues really appraisal to the macro concerns of the public. >> i was reading several articles and legislative director under president clinton for one, pa 'trick griffin, he equated the on the road sales pitch to shouting in the forest because he says there is no clear path to when we are going to get to the issues that he is addressing. you seem to be saying a similar thing? >> i think the president is a good speaker but for example he is raling against the sequester cuts but i am not hearing a clear alternative. we just went through raising taxes back in january. 75% of americans saw their payroll taxes go up. again, i think the president is a good salesman, but you have to have a good product. so far. to use the old phrase from the
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commercial, where is the beef? >> heather: where is the beef? how are we going to pay for it? we appreciate your time. thank you. >> kelly: new questions over what appears to be a multimillion dollar tax break for facebook. raking in over a billion dollars in the united states alone last year but didn't pay any income taxes. why tax experts are saying it could be because president obama has a double standard? >> heather: and chuck hagel is the president's pick for defense secretary but he ran into a tough and unprecedented roadblock on the way to the cabinet. we'll look at what this means for his confirmation going forward. the putting and the obama administration. >> there are solid public policy differences between members of this side of the aisle and the nominee. this is not about politics, this
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>> heather: welcome back. a shocking blow to taxpayers
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this week. facebook seems to be getting out of federal and state taxes for 2012. you heard that right. on top of that they expect a hefty refund. it sounds outrageous to many americans but tax experts say there are loopholes that make it legal. peter doocy takes a look. >> reporter: facebook's profits in the u.s. last year, $1.1 billion. combined income tax bill, zero dollars, they will get a refund of $429 million thanks to one tax deduction for executive stock options. >> employees cash in the stock options and at that point there is a tax deduction for the company because even though it didn't cost facebook a nickel they treat it as wages and they get a deduction for it. usually it doesn't wipe out a whole tax bill but many companies get big breaks. >> reporter: they will get more
12:23 pm
tax breaks for a total of about $3 billion and earlier this week president obama says it shouldn't happen. >> save hundreds of billions of dollars by getting rid of loopholes. >> reporter: but facebook boosted his campaign and experts think that is why he doesn't single them out for tax reform. >> he has double standard when it comes out to picking examples to advance his agenda. he points to oil and gas companies taking questionable deductions which are legal under the law but he leaves out other companies like facebook that pay lower tax rates. >> reporter: so far facebook has declined to comment on their massive tax break. >> heather: thank you, peter. >> kelly: usually less violence is a good thing but with the murder rate dropping on the mexican side of the border and more immigrants heading home,
12:24 pm
real estate in sudden texas is starting to take a hit. live in el paso with more details. >> reporter: great to see you. apartment renters and people in the real estate business say they are happy to see the violence is coming to a slowdown however they say they will miss the business from people who move over into el paso to escape the violence. they will miss it when the migrants who are over here head back home. >> as the number of murders come to a decline, many mexican nationals in el paso are feeling safe to return home. it's positive news for the border city but bloom any for people here in the apartment business. >> we noticed the decrease here by 5%. we heard in other areas it was greater up to 10%. >> between 2006 and 2010, more
12:25 pm
than 400,000 people had fled the carnage in juarez. many came to el paso and got the nickname little mexico with so many nationals moving in. >> we noticed a lot of residents were the juarez area. they moved in the area and certain circumstances they owned homes in juarez but rented in el paso. >> there was 42% drop in murders in juarez. it has led many to return home. local realtors are seeing a similar trend. the demand has slowed down. kenny is president of the el paso association of realtors. >> they are feeling more comfortable. not as nervous. they are staying over there and they are not as anxious to buy something and get over here as
12:26 pm
they have been. >> reporter: sales may be down but the hopes are high for el paso's sister city. realtor we spoke to they, of course, will miss business over here, but it will be a long term economic wind when news gets out that the violence has slowed down in juarez. hope is more businesses will be willing to move in. >> kelly: interesting dynamic. thank you for that report. iran supreme leader is issuing a new warning about his country's nuclear program and tehran's intention of building a nuclear weapon. >> heather: but military officials warning about the dire consequences on our troops in afghanistan if the automatic budget cuts kick in in two weeks and why we could see fewer soldier homecomings like these.
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>>. >> kelly: welcome you back. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. an autopsy report showing suspected cop killer christopher dorner died from a wound to the head. his body was found in a burned out cabin after leading police on a manhunt. a new jersey firefighters union is building 26 playgrounds to honor the victims of the connecticut school shooting. ten playgrounds will be built in areas still recovering from super storm sandy and six will be built in connecticut. plus, military officials are warning the defense cuts set to take effect next month through sequestering would force them extend deployment of soldiers headed to having afghanistan. but they say the cuts would
12:32 pm
force them their tours because they won't have the money to train brigades to replace them. listen.... >> we'll have to make a decision somewhere along the line to extend those already there or send people there that are not ready. i choose not to send people there that will not be ready. >> kelly: bob scales is is a retired major general and a fox news military analyst. he joins us. general, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> kelly: not on an occasion like this because we are talking about serious and dire for our country and that is our national security as it relates to how our military gets funded. tell me what you think about this entire sequestering deal? >> i think that ray ordialarno is on the heels of a dilemma.
12:33 pm
he can extend their tour to a year and huge drop-off in their morale and human side as we have discovered that if you extend a soldier about nine or ten months his fighting ability falls off or you replace them with soldiers that haven't had the proper amount of training and right equipment to go to afghanistan and survive in combat. you spent time in the military. you know the importance of training and you know the necessity of our young men and women to spend the many months it requires and lots of money that it requires to put together a properly trained unit. >> kelly: the knowledge you need to train but money for bullets and bread and essential to keep the soldier prepared for combat. i want to get.
12:34 pm
horns of the dilemma, nine to ten possible months that our soldiers would serve there adequately and there is a drop-off period. i noticed when i was covering the war in iraq that many of our men and women serving in harm's way would lose it after being there 15 months, emotional and morale toll takes is unconscionable. i find it hard to believe that congress is allowing or moving towards a sequestration? >> yes. here is the deal. there is no supposition in any of this. the science is firm and solid. those who have studied young men and women in close combat situations particularly in theaters of war like afghanistan which are just horribly wearing on physical side of young men and women, you get much beyond a year and the come ballot effectiveness of individuals in
12:35 pm
small units literally falls off the cliff. just keeping a soldier on for an additional four or five months, he may be occupying a foxhole, so to speak but his fighting efficiency diminishes. so what do you do? >> kelly: you know how devastating it can be to send green troops over there who are not prepared for battle, have not been tested. let's get back to what congress is doing here and the president. you got the republicans blaming the president for this sequestration move, but isn't there enough blame to go around. can we dispense with the blame and stop doing stupid things? >> let's dispense with the blame. there is enough to go around everywhere. let's do what is right. what is right is to stop thinking about votes and think about the soldier. think about that young soldier that has five or six tours, he
12:36 pm
has family at home that is trying to make it day to day. think about that young man or woman and what he or she has to do in afghanistan. think how horrific it would be to send him back to sixth or seventh tour or extend him in the fifth or sixth tour for another four or five months to the point where he is not combat effective a susceptible to traumatic brain injury, ptsd and all the measurable emotionally problems that go along with it. >> kelly: we'll save more for a private discussion and i look forward to talking to you. the bottom line this is national security risk before the sequester goes into effect. general bob scales, we appreciate your perspective, sir. >> heather: military members and their families. a grim assessment of the heart.
12:37 pm
u.s. economy. small businesses recent survey suggests they are still struggling and delayed economic recovery is bringing pessimism among business owners and beyond. jerry is president of capital management and fox news contributor. thanks for joining us today. among the surveys there is one, expectations for small businesses is fourth lowest reading in 40 years. why do they continue to struggle? >> just remember we use the word business, it's people. people are making decisions on their wallets and how business is going. right now we have, i call a vicious cycle of stupidity where they are raising taxes on the business owner. they are raising on the consumer that spends on the business and you have a business owner that says things are not so good. i'm not going to hire as quickly
12:38 pm
and end up in a situation like this. >> heather: speaking of hiring we were just discussing this, the president has been on his road trip talking about his economic policies. things that he wants to move forward. one of those is increasing the minimum wage from 7.25 to $9 an hour. how it will affect small businesses? >> it's going to affect businesses like mcdonald's and there are studies that are done, when you raise it too much, they are going to look how many people are actually working. businesses are held to a bottom line and it's too crazy and too much regulation on top of more mandates which that is, then you end up with things going south. the biggest problem is this. they are not being left alone. businesses should be left to flourish. when you are raising taxes. when you are putting more regulations on there, when the healthcare we're finding out possibly it's going to cost
12:39 pm
$20,000 a year for a family, that affects everything from "a" to "z" and you end up with where small businesses can't get going and economy continues to be what i call the soup. >> heather: there is a ripple down effect. we talked about facebook avoiding paying taxes both federal, why is there a disconnect between large companies and small companies? some of the larger companies that they have exceeded pre-recession levels? >> i can tell you when i'm looking at big companies, i'm talking about 3-m and ibm, their sales are down soe, so business is not that great across the board. i'm not in that camp right now. everybody talks about the markets being up. it has more to do with the fed that is printing a lot of money, not much more than that. bottom line, you have to get out
12:40 pm
of the way of business and let them do what they do best. put products to market. let the consumer buy it and you are in cycle where things get better and better. i don't see anything out of washington. now, we are few weeks away the sequester is going to affect everybody. >> heather: we appreciate it. get out of the way. >> kelly: meantime historic power play on capitol hill, filibuster holding up hearings for pick of the defense secretary and we'll talk about the fallout. >> heather: concerns about congress has no say, we'll talk to the man who runs the camera for all sky meteor surveillance. [ siren ] [ male announcer ] i've seen incredib things.
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>>. [ siren ] >> heather: can you imagine. that is the sound of the massive meteor slamming into earth causing mayhem on the streets of russia. 200 people were injured and many by falling glass. more than 4,000 buildings were damaged and government is saying it will cost $33 million to clean it up. this is one of several incidents that happened. a senior research scientist at carl sagen center of the seti institute and one who runs the nasa sponsored cameras for all sky meteor surveillance. we want to hear from you. thank you so much for joining us? >> pleasure. >> heather: nasa says this is
12:46 pm
once in a lifetime event. how do we know that? >> well, let me first say, of course, the biggest concern at the moment is for the situation in russia. so many windows were broken we are hoping that the damage can be recovered quickly. for a scientist it's a great opportunity to learn about this type of impact. we know that this was unusual event because it created a very loud boom. a signal at a frequency that is lower than what you can hear by the ear which travels long distance. this was picked up somewhere between 300 and 500 kiloton impacted. >> heather: how do we know it's not going to happen again? they said it's once in a lifetime event but how do we
12:47 pm
know that? >> statistically with these type of events they happen between once in every 20 to hundred years. in that sense. this is likely event you will experience in your lifetime. with that said, its statistic. we have coincidences that happen. >> heather: i have to ask you. an explosion estimated to have been powerful as 20 hiroshima bombs, estimated mass of 10,000 tons but nasa, they describe it as a tiny asteroid. what is a big one then? >> astroids get very big. ones coming near to the earth, kilometer or more those are real concern. those have been the target of surveys to try to find all of them so we are sure none of those ever hit the earth. in recent years, the effort has
12:48 pm
focused on smaller objects. from this event you can understand why. this is only a 15 meter size object. they come bigger. they come hundreds of meters occasionally. >> heather: next day, as tron mergs said a larger one passed close to earth. it's kind of interesting, there is a subcommittee within the united nations on the peaceful uses of outerspace task today spare the earth of ravages of space. they have a plan to a gravity track for, basically launch a spaceship toward the asteroid and shift the asteroid's trajectory. do we have the capability to protect ourselves from outerspace? >> i think the effort on the moment is trying to understand these objects and trying to find them.
12:49 pm
try to know where these objects are traveling. once we have spotted them we know whether they are a danger or not. that is the opportunity here. a large object came down and shattered into pieces. fragments landed on the ground. we have a cans to collect data. what trajectory this came on and what type of meteorites fell on the ground. >> kelly: fascinated to go tension, it's been a tense week on capitol hill where republicans took the unprecedented step of filibustering a cabinet nominee. whether chuck hagel still has a chance to lead the pentagon. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti.
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>>. >> kelly: new fallout for chuck hagel vote for defense secretary. republicans stalling on the nomination leaving many questions. where is the process going next? let's bring in michael gerhardt,
12:54 pm
director for center of the law and government and unc school of law. i assume that is chapel hill? >> that is correct. >> kelly: good school and good place. let's talk about what is going on with congress. what we are seeing right now, it's unprecedented? >> yes, it is. we haven't had a filibuster of a cabinet level nominee basically in american history. usually controversial nominees get defeated in committee, forced to be withdrawn or they end up with a floor vote but we have a committee approving the nomination and a delay or instruction to prevent it from getting to the floor. >> kelly: why now? what political expense is this for the republicans who have decided to take this move? >> i suppose the short answer to the question it's because they can at this point. they couldn't defeat it in compete because they didn't have
12:55 pm
the votes but they do have enough votes to keep it filibustered. whether it lasts longer that remains the big question. most of conventional wisdom, sooner or later it will get to the floor and that will garner 55 votes. that gives you some idea of the nature or strength of the opposition. >> kelly: i guess i'm hard oppressed to understand what exactly is hard pressed to understand. >> some don't like chuck hagel and they appreciate the fact he has not defended some of his previous positions. but to take this sort of action when they know so well that the country needs a defense secretary. does it go back to the president? the president may have done a different choice? >> i think you are right. the kind of situation usually happens not because something about the nominee. this is usually about the
12:56 pm
president, some effort to pay back the president or punish him in some way. nominee gets held hostage at this point because of other things. so some senators are not happy about the benghazi situation. some senators wanted to push back the president because they don't like his policies. some people may be pushing back because they see this as way to get leverage somewhere else. just going to say hagel has had a history of alienating some of his former colleagues. so there is a bay back and frustration there and effort to either kind of shoot across the president's bow or waneen this nominee. >> kelly: does it weaken our ability to lead and to govern effectively? does it send a thought process out there in the american electorate that people on capitol hill can't get their act together? >> i think that is exactly the
12:57 pm
signal it sends. that there is a divide that simply cannot be bridged. we can't find common ground even over a defense secretary nominee. there may be other things that may be more serious or just as serious. for example, the debt ceiling where common ground is impossible to find. it does reflected a larger dysfunction within the process and more significant gridlock but very hard to overcome. >> kelly: you know as well we know that is painful to the future of our country. hopefully, great minds can come together and find a common ground at which you speak. michael, we thank you for sharing your insights. >> thank you i really appreciate that. >> heather: my alma mater. >> kelly: i used to live down there. >> heather: that does it for us. thank you so much for watching. >> kelly: we're proud of the
12:58 pm
tarheels don't forget about the blue did he have i ams. >> heather: i'll see you back here tomorrow. >> kelly: thanks everybody. have a great day. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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